merry.go.round photo by Patricio Cassinoni

merry.go.round. Dublin Dance Festival 2017

Maria Nilsson Waller is a freelance dance artist and choreographer. She was elected “Hoffningsträgerin” (bearer of hope) 2015 by Tanzmagazine. With work described as idiosyncratic, mesmerizing, pure, quirkily humorous and as poetry from the lingonberry forest. She is a multidisciplinary artist who also composes the music for her pieces as well as designs light, video and costume.
In her new piece Maria Nilsson Waller looks beyond our world into the great, vast blackness of the cosmos in order to examine our most human of concerns: the search for true love.

Maria asked Bold&Brass to run a Social Media Marketing campaign for her new show merry.go.round. as part of Dublin Dance Festival 2017, including the creation of content materials, which comprised videography, photography and copywriting.

About merry.go.round.
With her remarkable ability to create landscapes and entire worlds on stage through dance, sound and light, Maria Nilsson Waller’s latest work brings us to a strange kind of playground. In this otherworldly realm of celestial bodies five characters orbit each other, inhabiting what seems to be a world suffering from post romantic stress disorder. Some are destined to converge, others to split apart. All long for authentic connections in a world where every man is an island. merry.go.round looks outwards into the vast black space surrounding us, the dance of celestial bodies and what it is we call home.

Photo by Patricio Cassinoni

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