Dick Walsh Theatre

Dick Walsh is a Dublin based theatre maker interested in language and the effects of language. He tends to use verbatim transcriptions of real speech as well as other found sources for text such as newspapers, books etc.. to generate his scripts. And then use the theatre and its specific conditions to examine these texts.
Originally trained as an architect, he began making theatre in 2009 after discovering the works of Richard Maxwell, Jerome Bel, John Jesurun and Forced Entertainment.

Dick Walsh asked Bold&Brass to help with the Social Media Campaign for ‘George Bush And Children’ as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2016. This involved creating materials such as short behind the scenes video clips, and taking photos in rehearsals to create visual ads. After a fruitful collaboration, he asked Bold&Brass to run the campaign again when the show returned to Project Arts Centre in March 2017, and a new one for his consequent show ‘What’s a Worldview?’ as part of Live Collision Festival in April 2017.
We have just finished designing his website.

Photo by Bold&Brass

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